I.M.P.A.K.T. is your opportunity to receive life-changing training and mentoring from seasoned, established regional leaders in the Body of Christ:

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During each monthly seminar you receive three powerful 2-hour sessions featuring the ministries of Gary Fishman, Roger & Robin Fields, and Russ Painter, as they teach and mentor you in the areas of:

  • How to flow in your spiritual gifts, with special emphasis on the prophetic.
  • How to receive inner healing and freedom, and how to minister that freedom to others.
  • How to discover and experience your God-given purpose and destiny, where your dreams, visions and goals can come true.

We also offer the opportunity to connect with one or more of us as your mentor(s), which gives you access to additional group and/or individual meetings each month where you will receive help and training that is not available to the general public.

Our Mentoring Program will re-open July 8, 2017.

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Until then you’re welcome to attend our remaining live seminars, which are open to the public:

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