Our Mentoring Program is now closed for this semester.

But you’re welcome to attend our upcoming live seminars, which are open to the public:

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I.M.P.A.K.T. is your opportunity to receive life-changing training and mentoring from seasoned regional leaders in the Body of Christ.

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During each monthly seminar you receive three powerful 2-hour sessions featuring the ministries of Gary Fishman, Roger & Robin Fields, and Russ Painter, as they teach and mentor you in the areas of:

  • Prophetic anointing and prophetic ministry
  • Inner healing and freedom, and ministering freedom to others
  • Discovering your God-given destiny to see your dreams and goals come true

You also have the option to choose which one(s) you want to connect with as a mentor, which gives you access to additional group and/or individual meetings each month with your mentor(s), that are not open to the general public.


Please help us get the word out about I.M.P.A.K.T.