Life Coaching

Do you have unfulfilled prophetic words or dreams, and feel like there is so much more you want to accomplish in life?

Is there something deep inside you that keeps telling you, “There’s MORE! Don’t settle for less”?

Well, that’s actually the voice of God! You see, He knows how He made you, what He put inside you, and what you’re capable of. You have a God-given destiny and purpose!

A credentialed Life Coach and Coach Trainer, Russ Painter combines his years of business and ministry experience with a recognized and seasoned prophetic anointing, to help you achieve breakthrough in your personal life, business, family, health, relationships, or personal development.

Founder of Kingdom Training Institute, he has personally trained hundreds of people to hear God’s voice more clearly and speak prophetically with confidence. He is also founder and senior leader of a highly prophetic regional gathering of the Body of Christ called Heaven’s Invasion.

You can learn more about him here.

Did you know?

All personal prophecy is conditional.

It’s true! Your prophetic words may not come to pass if you are not actively participating in fulfilling the conditions that are stated or implied in that word.

For example, if you have received a word about a great teaching ministry, yet you have not taken any steps to obtain the kind of Bible training necessary to qualify for a teaching ministry, that word will not come to pass until you are prepared for it. God expects us to take responsibility for carrying out whatever is required by our prophetic words.

Life Coaching can provide you with a clearer picture of:

  • Your life purpose and destiny
  • Your current situation
  • The obstacles in your way and your options for overcoming them
  • Strategies you can immediately implement to begin moving forward to fulfill your destiny or other life goal

What’s included in a Life Coaching session?

Every session is unique, because every person is unique! You set the agenda for your session, which may include areas such as:

  • Wisdom for personal issues
  • Clarity on what God is saying to you
  • Prophetic words of knowledge and encouragement
  • Strategies for business and personal goals
  • Creating a Life Plan
  • Overcoming limitations in your mindset and beliefs
  • Suggestions for “homework” that will accelerate your progress after the session

Please note: Prophetic Life Coaching is NOT counseling or deliverance. Clients with those needs will be offered appropriate referrals.

What’s the cost?

$100 per 1 hour session

Other options may be available, contact Russ at for details.

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